New Hope Bible Church
Saturday, December 03, 2022

Our Ministries

In our church 

We seek to provide strong Bible teaching through children's church, numerous Bible studies, and youth events.  We seek to promote strong relationships through fellowship events that include beach days, spring trips, home meetings, senior luncheons, and congregational dinners.  We offer spiritual counseling, visitation, and benevolent offerings.  Finally, we seek to provide opportunities for our people to serve both within and outside of the church building.

in our community

We seek to reach out to our community through numerous ways.  We are involved in local elementary schools through reading programs and family outreach.  We seek to help the homeless and working poor in our community through hygiene, food, and clothing drives that support Osceola Christian Ministry Center.  We also hold various outreach events like Vacation Bible School, Date Nights, and Evangelistic Events.  We also seek to help those with specific financial needs through our benevolent fund.


We financially and playfully support missionary families around the world.  Currently, over 20% of our annual giving goes towards world missions.  We give through the faith promise model, and our missionaries are connected to Pioneers, Christar, Ethnos 360, and the IMB.