New Hope Bible Church
Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Uploading Photos

You can upload a profile photo of yourself, as well as a family photo, anytime you want, as often as you want. They will be posted in the Directory for others to view. Each person will be able to post one profile photo and one family photo. The family photo can be different for each family member (see Grant & Debbie Geer's profiles).
 Please try to keep your photos approximately 100k in size, 500k max.  Thank you.
To upload a profile photo
  1. Click on Update My Profile on the Home page (you need to be logged in first)
  2. Click on the Personal tab
  3. Click on Profile Picture link
  4. Follow directions in the dialog box
  5. You can upload both a profile photo and a family photo at the same time. Be patient after clicking Upload Files; a message will show up on the screen letting you know the upload was successful. Then you may click Exit.
  6. Save changes made to the Personal tab
  7. Verify your photo uploaded by going back to the Directory
    **Your profile picture will upload immediately to the Directory
    ***Your Family photo will need to be posted by the Administrator. After uploading your Family Photo, click here and tell me what you want (see Grant's or Debbie's profile for examples). NOTE: Once you've uploaded one family photo, the next time you upload one, it will automatically replace the previous photo.       Family Photo Form
If you would like for me to upload a profile and/or family photo for you, please let me know ( I'll be happy to upload them for you.