New Hope Bible Church
Tuesday, August 03, 2021

How to Update My Profile

You can now update your profile information anytime and as often as you want/need to. Upon saving your changes, your profile will be updated immediately. You can change your profile photo and family photos as often as you like (Uploading Photos).
To update your profile you need to Log In and then click on Update My Profile located on the Home page. The information you enter will be posted in the Directory depending on what access level you give it. You determine  who sees the information and what they see. You can show as little or as much as you want.
  1. After clicking on Update My Profile, it will open up on your Login tab. On the Login tab, verify who can view your information. See Access Level descriptions below. Make changes, if needed. You can click on Save or move onto the next tab. If you Exit without saving, your changes will be lost.
  2. Click on the other tab/s that need updated. It is not necessary to click Save on each tab that you update, but be sure you click Save on one of the tabs before Exiting the Update My Profile page.
    **You will notice an extra tab title, "Groups", that wasn't there when you registered. This allows us to make a page viewable only by users in the selected group or groups.  The user must be granted Member access or greater within the group to see the page. Currently, there are no groups listed, but if you would like to create one, please let us know.
  3. On the other tabs, you can select the access level you desire where prompted. See Access Level descriptions.
 Access Levels
Everyone: selecting this option will allow everyone visiting the website, including non-registered visitors, to view your profile.
Members:  selecting this option allows anyone who is registered as a member or higher to view your profile.
Administrators: selecting this option only allows web administrators to view your profile. It prohibits everyone else, including yourself, from seeing your profile in the Church Directory. However, you will be able to view and change your information when you click on "Update My Profile".
The default selection is Administrators. Unless you change it, that is the only person who will be granted access.

Remember, if you only want registered individuals to view your information, be sure you have selected "Members" for Profile Access. If your comfortable with anybody viewing your information, choose "Everyone".